Snacks Mezze

Nuts ,chilli nuts,pumpkin seeds 35 kr   Greek Green Olives  59 kr

Dip and PitaChips or Fresh Pita   

Hummos ,  Babaganouj, Muhummara,, Lebneh,

Sundried Tomato & Cheese   70 kr st

Jibneh mshallaleh  String  Cheese 95kr

Foul Medammis  simmered fava beans with garlic & olive oil 90kr


Lebanese Tabouleh  90kr

Feta Salad 90 kr

Crispy savory without meat

Noels Famous Falafel  no visit is complete with out a try…..85kr

Spinach and Cheese Börek  fried fillo  89kr

Arancini  Mozzarella Marinara dip 90 kr

Fried  Mozzarella Sticks Marinara dip  95 kr

Chili n cheese poppers 79kr

French Fries and Garlic dip

Savorys with meat

Hummos Bil Lahm  …sauteed beef tips and pine nuts 120 kr

Noels Signature Chicken Wings  tossed in green garlic 90 kr

Keftetes mediterranean meat balls in tomato sauce  95 kr

Shish Tawook Chicken sticks  80 kr st

Seafood Savories

Butter & Garlic Shrimp 129kr

Shrimp on Ice 129

Fried Calamari 90kr